Hope Fools: The Road

Hope Fools: The Road

April 20, 2014 | Josh Graves

Passage: Luke 24:13-35

The Road and The Table

Luke 24:13-35

Sunday's Easter teaching available via the website or iTunes

Holy Week was a tremendous time of remembering Jesus' past and God's future. I have never fully exhausted the story of Jesus and the two searchers in Luke 24. It's one of the more interesting and perplexing stories in all four Gospels. I pray you'll spend some time in that story this week as we all (together) seek to have our eyes opened to the Jesus who is already among us, meeting us in the liminal spaces of our lives.

Also . . .

In May, I will start a new Sunday series: The Other 6 Days. My hope is to spend time exploring Scripture's teaching concerning our work together in Nashville and Brentwood. What does changing diapers have to do with the kingdom of God? What is the difference between calling and vocation? Does my work even matter? Is it really just a job? As part of this series, I'll share what I've learned in a recent experiment called "take your preacher to work day." Yes, that's right. Several Otter Creekers have had to introduce their co-workers to their preacher. The gist of the series is this: all work is sacred to God. We can detract or add to what God is already doing in the way we approach our weekly work. The resurrection launched a whole new way of being human (people filled with the Spirit of God for the sake of the world) . . . that has to influence our work.




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