Our Life Groups are small, intentional communities in which we live out our discipleship together. 

Life Group is the ideal place to find accountability and encouragement and share life together. Life Groups eat together, pray together, study together, raise children together, serve together, help each other prepare for life milestones, and say goodbye to loved ones. One word to sum up the ideal of life group is TOGETHERNESS.

Groups consist of approximately 10-15 people who meet in various places and homes on a regular basis to support one another in the Christian faith, to draw closer to God, and to serve the needs of others in Christ's name. Most groups meet on Sunday night but are free to meet at any time of the week except times when the whole body gathers together for worship. 

It is our desire for everyone at Otter Creek to commit to a Life Group. For more information please email David Knox.

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Life Group Discussion Guides

The King has One Week to Live - Part 2

The King has One Week to Live Part 2 Life Group Discussion Guide for March 10, 2019 Do you like Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time...

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Why get involved? The church needs us! Just like every part of our body is needed to make a whole person, in the church, every person is a part...

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