The Digital Side-Hug: NBA Season Preview 2014-15

The Digital Side-Hug: NBA Season Preview 2014-15

October 26, 2014 | David Rubio

Josh Graves, David Knox, Eric Livingston & Wes Riddle join Rubio for another exciting conversation about the goings on of the Association.  Is LeBron's supporting cast ALREADY more potent than the group assembled for that 4-year run?  Which playoff team from the Western Conference is most likely to slip?  Which NBA starter would these guys choose to play if their family was abducted by aliens.  There's only one place to find out.  RIGHT HERE!


The guys cover all the bases...and somehow find a true holy moment during their discussion of the SI piece announcing LeBron's return to Cleveland.  If you're a fan of the NBA, you won't want to miss this podcast.*  Plus, stay to the end in order to find out just how much of a genius Dknox is.


* And even if you hate the NBA, you may find their discussion about why the NBA is a better game/league than the NCAA compelling.  Or offensive.  Either way, LET's DO THIS!

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