The Digital Side-Hug: 2015 NBA Playoff Preview

The Digital Side-Hug: 2015 NBA Playoff Preview

April 12, 2015 | David Rubio

With Wes Riddle, our resident urban farmer, unable to join the fun, 4 out of 5 Digital Side-Hug NBA Guys (Josh Graves, David Knox, Eric Livingston & David Rubio) are back for an extremely informal look at the year that was in the NBA…and the playoffs which are breathing down our necks!  After a few custom built discussion questions by Dr. Gregwire, the guys weigh in on the MVP race, which non-playoff teams should be excited about next season, who’s going to win it all this year & precious moments they’re looking forward to over the coming months.

Not a fan of the NBA?  Listen at your own risk: you may find yourself rooting for the Grizzlies after this!

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