Wisdom: Healing Through Death (With the Malones & Parnells)

Wisdom: Healing Through Death (With the Malones & Parnells)

January 26, 2014 | Josh Graves with the Malones & Parnells

Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:24-26

Wisdom (I Cor. 15 & Heb. 2)
with James and Elizabeth Parnell, Blake and Danielle Malone


Two things for you to consider as your week begins.

#1. This article is powerful and builds on what the Parnells and Malones shared with us during the teaching time. If their words and courage blessed you, be sure to drop them a note.

#2. The leadership team could not be more excited about the chance to work with Habitat for Humanity this year. We are raising $60k this coming Sunday and asking for 200 volunteers in order to build two homes for two teachers who work with one of the most important works Otter Creek has ever launched--the Wayne Reed Christian Childcare Center. This opportunity is a tangible way to jump in and preach the gospel without using words.

For whom will we be building houses? Two teachers at the Wayne Reed Center (Erica and Kisha) and their families.

What is needed from Otter Creek? We are asking OC members to come together to contribute $60,000 and 200 onsite volunteers. We also need an additional 35-40 offsite volunteers who can help with overall coordination, communications, food prep, and food delivery to worksites.

How do I contribute financially? There will be a specific collection this Sunday (Feb. 2) during both worship gatherings. You may also contribute at the Habitat For Humanity table in the Gathering Room or by bringing a check to the OC church office. Checks should be made payable to Otter Creek with “OC Habitat Build” in memo.

Can I contribute through my company so I can take advantage of our company donor matching program? Absolutely. Several asked about this Sunday and this is a great idea. If this means your donation needs to be made directly to Habitat For Humanity you can make the check payable to them, turn it in at OC, and we will get it to them on behalf of Otter Creek. Please indicate to us if this amount will be equally matched so we can calculate our totals toward our goal correctly.

How do I volunteer to be onsite for these builds? Cards were given out Sunday morning and will be available again this Sunday (Feb. 2) in the OC church pews. They are also available in the Gathering Room at the Habitat display table. To volunteer onsite check the approriate box on the card and turn it in at the special collection during the worship gatherings this Sunday or at the Habitat table in the Gathering Room. Be sure to fill in your email address. You will be emailed a special link in the next two weeks that will give you the ability to volunteer for specific day(s). Volunteer early. Once a workday’s capacity is reached, that day will close. You will also be given more specific details in the email or at the link regarding times, location, what to wear/bring, etc.

Do I need to have experience with construction to be an onsite volunteer? No. Habitat provides the building experts who supervise the project and are trained to utilize both experienced and inexperienced volunteers. The only requirement is that onsite volunteers must be at least 16.

How can I volunteer in other ways? Offsite volunteers are very much needed to help with organization, communications, food prep, food delivery, and more. Check the “offsite volunteer” box on the card and you will be emailed details with opportunities and dates.

When will the builds take place? The exact dates are being finalized and will take place over the course of 4 weekends in March/April.

What are the days/hours for workdays? Saturdays and Sunday from 7:30am-3:30pm. For those who volunteer for Sunday builds, we will have a special worship/communion to start the day.

What did I hear about partnering with local churches? Otter Creek is committing to $60,000 and 200 volunteers. The total needed to build both homes is $120,000 and 400 volunteers. To reach this goal we have partnered with a few local churches of Christ who will also be raising money and providing volunteers. The two houses are being built across the street from one another so OC volunteers will get to build at both sites and may be working with volunteers from other churches.

How do I find out more about Habitat For Humanity? There is information at the Habitat booth in the Gathering Room. You can also see more about Habitat’s great work at their website: habitat.org

Love is louder than anything else. Walk in grace and power.




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