Middle School


Sunday mornings with the OCYG middle school are a time for study, conversation, and practical application. We rotate through short series centered around biblical topics, needs of students, and middle school "life skills." Classes rotate through groupings by grade, gender, or often a "choose your own" format. 


Wednesday nights rotate through a series of programing that is intentionally focused on building community. Some Wednesday nights are worship based. Some are pretty far from what looks like typical worship (but we could argue that it's very worship-full). But all Wednesdays work to create a space where our students belong. 

HUDDLES (aka: small groups)

Huddle Groups is the name given to our middle school small group ministry. Students are in groups according to grade and gender and are led by teams of two or three adults. There are FEW things we value more than connecting mature adults to the lives of our students. And Huddles is a major part of that mission. We rotate through year-long studies on friendship, the life of Christ, and decision-making. 

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