At the Otter Creek Sale, you will print your own tags with generated barcodes using our online inventory system. The proper tagging, hanging, and packaging of your items is extremely important since we will not be able to accept them if they are done incorrectly.

​​Please keep in mind the following rules when tagging:
  • ​We require a minimum of 50 accepted items.
  • ​Tags must be printed on white card stock.
  • Clothing over 12 months should be hung on wire hangers and secured with safety pins. Plastic hangers may be used for 12 months and smaller. The only exceptions to this are onesies, maternity bras, and accessories, which can be sold in ziplock bags.
  • Clothing should be hung on the hanger with the hanger facing left (think question mark “?”) and the tag should be attached using a safety pin on the upper right side of the garment.
  • Any item on a hanger must have a number size (or S, M, L, XL for maternity apparel).
  • Make sure that your tags are completely filled out. There should be a category, description, and price on all of your items.​
  • To prevent shoes from getting separated, secure them together with a zip tie and then attach the tag. If they cannot be zip tied, place the shoes in a large ziplock bag, seal the top with packing tape, and attach the tag.
  • Any items in ziplock bags must have the tag on the outside. Bags must be taped securely shut.
  • Make sure that all puzzles and toys with small pieces are attached securely. Loose items tend to get scattered during the sale.
  • Painter’s tape is great for tagging books as it does not damage them.
  • We have a 50-book limit per consignor. Books must be appropriate for children. We will not accept any Dolly Parton Imagination Library books at our sale.
  • As you tag, pay attention to the condition of your items. Check for stains, holes, missing pieces, etc. Due to space, our screeners have been instructed to be very picky and will not accept items that are dated, excessively worn, or out of season.
  • Price your items to sell. The general rule of thumb is approximately 30% or less of the retail price. Try to avoid attaching sentimental value to your price. If you went to all the trouble to get your items tagged, you want to make sure they sell.