The Politics of Jesus 2

    October 11, 2020 | Resources | Discussion

    The Politics of Jesus

    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    October 11, 2020

    1. Which of the United States is your favorite to visit? Which state is your least favorite?

    2. Read Luke 4:14-30. What stands out to you about this passage? Why do you think Jesus’ message made the people of Nazareth so angry?

    3. In Jesus’ teaching to his hometown, he made it clear that God’s compassion extends not only to the chosen people of Israel, but also to outsiders and Gentiles. In your own life, are there individuals or political groups for whom you struggle to feel compassion?

    4. Read Luke 6:36-38. What stands out to you about this passage? What are some practical ways you can apply the message of these verses to your relationship with those you differ from politically?

    5. Close in prayer, praying that we would be willing to evaluate our political views through the filter of Jesus life, rather than creating a version of Jesus’ life that easily supports our current views. 

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