The Greatest Gift Part 2: Hope

    December 12, 2018 | Resources | Discussion

     1. What’s on your bucket list?

    2. Read Isaiah 65:17-25. What does God’s shalom look like? Why is this important?

    3. Part of the calling of the people of God is to be co-creators of God’s shalom in our present circumstances. What might peace, or shalom look like in your life? What might it look like for our church, in our community?

    4. Read Luke 2:25-37. What glimpses of God’s shalom do we see in what Simeon and Anna prophesy about Christ? What is God doing in the world through Christ, in these texts? Why is this important?

    5. Spend time together in prayer, thanking God for the gift of shalom. Pray that we would be a people of shalom, as individuals and as a church. If there are specific situations in your life or in the world that you would like prayers of shalom for, share these with the group.


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