The Greatest Gift, Part 1: Hope

    December 12, 2018 | Resources | Discussion

     1. What is the best gift (tangible) you’ve received?

    2. Advent is a season of waiting. We wait for the coming birth of Christ as we wait for his return. What can advent teach us about waiting? If you feel comfortable, share something that you are waiting for.

    3. Are there times in your journey when you’ve felt silence or absence from God? Israel had for about five hundred years before Jesus’ birth. How does scripture help us in times when we experience God’s silence?

    4. What hope do we, as Christians, have for the future? How is this hope different than wishful thinking?

    5. Read Luke 1:46-56. What hope does Mary share in this song? How does this hope inform our lives today? 6. Spend time together in prayer, thanking God for the gift of hope. Pray that we would be a people of hope. If you are comfortable, share what you are hopeful for and have your life group pray for you.


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