Love Heals 9

    May 10, 2020 | Resources | Discussion

    Love Heals

    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    May 10, 2020

    1. Are you a beach or mountains person?
    2. What are some ways you are enjoying creation right now? How has the pandemic affected your relationship to nature?

    3. Read Genesis 1:28-30. What does it look like for us to exercise stewardship over creation?

    4. Read 2 Corinthians 5: 17-20.  What does it look like for Christians to live in the reality of a new creation?

    5. Read Psalm 8. Has God ever spoken to you through Creation? Share about your experience with the group.

    6. Spend time in prayer thanking God for the gift of this world, and ask for guidance as we live out the gospel in our lives on Planet Earth. 

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