Love Heals 4

    April 05, 2020 | Resources | Discussion

    Love Heals

    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    April 5, 2020

    1. What’s the coolest Zoom/Facebook Live/Facetime experience you’ve had with others so far?

    1. “Love is a rugged commitment to be with someone, to be for someone, unto Christlikeness, for as long as it takes.” What is it looking like for you to love others during this time of social distancing?


    1. Read Luke 19:29-41 together. What stands out to you about the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem? If this was all you knew about Jesus, what conclusions would you draw?

    1. Why do you think Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey? What does that say about how he is making his presence known in the world?

    1. What do you think Jesus weeps over when he looks at your city?

    1. Pray for the suffering, sickness, lack of humility, and brokenness in our city and in our world. 

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