Life Group Discussion Questions: The Letter of James Part 4

    June 25, 2023 | Resources | Discussion | Adult by James B. Angus, Jr.

    The Letter of James pt. 4

    Dr. Lee Camp

    James 2:1-13 NRSV

    June 25, 2023

    Otter Creek Church

    1. In James 2:1-13, what does the author mean by showing "partiality" or "favoritism"? How is this related to our treatment of others?
    2. According to James, why is showing partiality or favoritism incompatible with the beliefs and teachings of Christianity? How does it contradict the character of God?
    3. What are some potential consequences or negative effects of favoritism within a community or society? How does it contribute to divisions, inequality, or injustice?
    4. James emphasizes the importance of mercy triumphing over judgment. How can we cultivate a spirit of mercy and compassion in our relationships and interactions with others?
    5. Are there any personal biases or prejudices that you have noticed within yourself that could potentially lead to favoritism? How can you actively work on overcoming those biases?
    6. How does the message of James 2:1-13 challenge societal norms or cultural practices that may promote discrimination or inequality? How can Christians be agents of change in addressing these issues?

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