Life Group Discussion Questions: Our Father Who Art in Heaven

    January 25, 2023 | Resources | Discussion | Adult by James B. Angus, Jr.

    The Blood in Our Veins Series

    Life Group Questions 

    Lesson Two: Our Father Who Art in Heaven

    January 29, 2023

    1. How close do you sense God to be to you? Discuss his closeness to you and others in the group. 
    2. Which version of the Lord’s prayer do you tend to use, Matthew or Luke’s version? Why? 
    3. When you read the word or recite the word “Heaven” in the prayer where does your mind go? What is your picture in your mind? 
    4. How does your view of heaven shape how you see the earth you live on? 
    5. What do you care about, based on your view of Heaven? 

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