Jonah 3

    June 21, 2020 | Resources | Discussion


    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    June 21, 2020

    1. What stories (TV, movies, books) have you been enjoying during this season of quarantine? Which narratives have had a profound impact on you? Why?

    2. Read Jonah 3 together. What stands out to you about this passage?

    3. Talk about a time in your life when, like Jonah, you felt that another person or group deserved God’s justice but not God’s mercy. What did you learn about yourself or God in this situation?

    4. The city of Nineveh participated in communal repentance. What sins do you think we are called to collectively repent of in our community? 

    5. What does that repentance look like in a modern context? How can the church publicly repent of collective sins?

    6. End your time together in prayer, asking that God would lead our hearts to repentance, both collective and personal, and express gratitude for God’s mercy on us. 

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