Join the Resistance Part 6

    June 23, 2019 | Resources | Discussion

    Join the Resistance

    Daniel 6

    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    June 23, 2019

    1. Share about a time when you were in a situation that caused great fear.
    2. Read Daniel 6:1-9. Why do you think the presidents and satraps wanted to entrap Daniel? Why do you think the king went along with the decree?
    3. Reda Daniel 6:10-15. Why didn’t the king just overrule the sentence of Daniel being put into the den?
    4. Read Daniel 6:16-24. How would you have reacted to learn that Daniel was still safe in the morning? Why do you think Daniel didn’t speak up for the men, women, and children who were thrown into the den?
    5. Read Daniel 6:25-28. What impact do these events have on Darius? What do you think God is up to here?
    6. Pray that we might have the discipline and courage of Daniel.

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