Join the Resistance Part 4

    June 09, 2019 | Resources | Discussion

    Join the Resistance

    Daniel 4

    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    June 9, 2019

    1. What are some of your biggest fears in life?
    2. Read Daniel 4:1-3. Why do you think the King is acknowledging God? Is he fully on board?
    3. Read Daniel 4:4-18. What is the most interesting part of the dream to you? Why?
    4. Read Daniel 4:19-27. Daniel’s interpretation requires courage. What do you think Daniel was thinking as he interpreted the dream for the king? How do you think the king may have reacted?
    5. Read Daniel 4:28-33. As reality unfolds to match the dream, what do you think the king may have been thinking? Why do you think God did this?
    6. Read Daniel 4:34-37. How is the second version of the king’s praise of God different than the first?
    7. How can we live and trust God to be fully committed to our faith?
    8. Pray for authentic faith that overcomes our fears.

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