In the biblical model of faith communities having Elders to pastor and oversee the church, Otter Creek's Elders provide pastoral support to OC family members, provide theological direction, and serve in a leadership role for our church. Otter Creek Elders' responsibilities are described in more detail in this Elder Job Description. The Elders are organized into Pastoral Teams to provide pastoral care to an assigned subset of the church. Those teams meet regularly to pray over OC family members' joys, needs, and hurts, and walk alongside people through life's ups and downs. Please let our Elders know if they can pray for you or offer any kind of pastoral care or spiritual guidance. The Elders manage some of their overseeing work through a subcommittee of Governance Elders. 

The Otter Creek elders have decided that the next elder selection process will be open to include recommendations of women to serve as elders. While this is a change from our past practice, we believe we will be able to provide stronger pastoral care and experience a richer wisdom by including women in the elder group. You can learn more about this decision on the Women in Leadership resource page

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