Otter Creek is currently going through a process to identify additional shepherds. We invite you to learn more and participate in this Elder Selection process.

In the biblical model of faith communities having Shepherds to pastor and oversee the church, Otter Creek's Shepherds provide pastoral support to OC family members and cast vision for our church. The shepherds regularly pray over OC family members' joys, needs, and hurts, and walk alongside people through life's ups and downs. While the Shepherds collectively provide this pastoral care to the whole church, each Shepherd is the primary pastoral provider for a subsection of the church, called a flock. Please let our Shepherds know if they can pray for you or offer any kind of pastoral care or spiritual guidance. The shepherds manage some of their overseeing work in smaller groups through the Governance committee and the Theology committee. 

Need pastoral care? Email the shepherds at:
Email the governance committee at:
Email the theology committee at
Need to know who your flock shepherd is? Email

Kevin Colvett


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