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The Stir ministry serves those ages 18-35ish,
whether in college, single or married, with or without children,
and aims to help young adults work out, and then live out,
the teachings of Jesus in this transformational stage of their lives.

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Words. from Otter Creek Young Adults on Vimeo.

The Lord is alive. He lives among us, he works through us, he stirs us to action.

As young adults, it is easy to live for ourselves and forget God’s purpose. But, the Lord has a plan. We each have gifts and talents that allow us to serve, to give, to be living sacrifices.

If we seek the Lord, He will stir us towards discernment and allow us to discover our individual ways to serve Him. If we are open to Him, the Lord will stir.

Yet, we are all different, we are not the same. Ideas, practices, and gifts may vary, but we are called to come together in the Lord. Through Him, we are one. Through Him, we use our individual strengths together to better the kingdom.

Join the Otter Creek Young Adults as God stirs us to discover our gifts and talents and moves us to live those out in community.


Patrick Chappell

College & Young Adults Minister


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