Joey Harwell


Joey's wife, Bari, grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended Lipscomb University. She was the Administrator at the Lakeshore long-term care facility before retiring to become a stay-at-home mom. She now works as a Clinical Assistant for a geriatric psychiatric services firm. Bari’s passions are the Women’s Ministry and Youth Encouragement Services. She enjoys reading and travel.

Joey has lived in Nashville most of his life. He met Bari in Bison Square at Lipscomb. Joey is the Chief Financial Officer of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. He loves live music and all things automotive. Joey is also passionate about the Marriage Ministry, and derives a great deal of satisfaction through ministering to those in career transition.

Bari and Joey have twins: Meredith and Craig. Our family expanded in beautiful ways with the marriages of Craig to Abby and Meredith to William. 

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