Year in Review

Where does your money go?

Giving in our culture has become hard to see. Many of us calculate the percentage we want to give for the year out of our family budgets, set up recurring gifts to be transferred each month, and don’t think of it again. Even if we physically put a check or bill in the offering plate each week, it feels detached from the living, breathing work God is doing.

The Year in Review booklet is one way to bring your giving to life. We hope you will see the faces, hearts, minds and stories behind each number. From baskets of chips served to our young adults, to cars donated to local families, to water wells in ten different countries, to the patients who received life-saving health care - God is working through your generosity.

As you read these statistics and stories, please pray over each one. Each number represents an individual person whose life has been impacted by Kingdom work. Please pray over our ministers, ministry leaders, and servants in our community. Pray over our church body, that our hearts will continually be renewed with the blessing and humility that it is only by God’s grace and mercy we have anything to give at all. Pray over our hearts for Kingdom work and service, no matter how far or near. 

Read the stories, absorb the data, enjoy seeing a more complete picture of the church you call home and find new ways to get involved.

Thank you for your generosity and for taking the time to reflect on 2018.