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Spiritual Disciplines

March 2017: Spiritual Direction

Posted by Roger Harwell on

Like most of the other spiritual disciplines, the objective of “spiritual direction” is to help us become more open and attentive to the presence of God. Unlike most of the other disciplines though, this one is practiced with the assistance of another individual—a companion on our spiritual journey. This companion is known as a “spiritual director.” He or she helps the “directee” to discern the “direction” in which the Spirit of God is moving in the directee’s life.

Typically, you will meet with your spiritual director in a one-hour session once per month. The time is spent prayerfully discussing and exploring how and where God might be currently working in your life. To facilitate the discussion, your director will be asking questions and gently probing to assist both of you in determining where you are on your spiritual journey. It is a time of creating a safe space in which the movement of God’s Spirit might be discerned and followed. As Lisa Myers has wisely noted, "The task of spiritual direction is not to make something happen, but to become aware of what God is already doing, so that we can respond to it, participate in it, and take delight in it."

It is important to note this is not a spiritual counseling or therapy session to solve a problem, but (like most other spiritual disciplines) more of a holistic, life-giving, and on-going practice. By participating in this practice regularly, we are opening our senses to the presence of God.

Mike Cagle, Jim Frost, and Roger Harwell are all trained spiritual directors who are members of Otter Creek. Each of these directors is willing to work with anyone interested in pursuing this spiritual practice. As well, there is a network of other spiritual directors in the Nashville area with whom we can put you in contact. If you are interested in learning more or pursuing this spiritual discipline, feel free to contact one of these directors:

-Mike Cagle, 
-Jim Frost, 
-Roger Harwell, 


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