Christmas with Luke 3

    December 20, 2020 | Resources | Discussion

    Advent 2020

    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    December 20, 2020

    1. What was your most memorable childhood Christmas gift?

    2. Look at the genealogy of Christ found in Luke chapter 3. How did God call some of these men and women?

    3. What can we learn from Mary’s response to God’s calling in Luke 1:38?

    4. Read Mary’s song in Luke 1:46-55.  What do you find most impactful about her prophetic words?

    5. How might God be calling you in your life right now? How can you be a prophet to your own people and time?

    6. Close in prayer, praising God for his faithfulness to all generations, and asking that we might respond to God’s call on our lives like Mary did. 

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