American Idols 5

    November 17, 2019 | Resources | Discussion

    American Idols:

    Jesus > Famous

    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    November 17, 2019

    1. Share a story about a time you met someone famous. How did you handle the interaction?
    2. How has this study of idols helped you to examine what things you give meaning and value? Where do you need to continue to work on keeping proper perspective on some things you value?
    3. What resonated with you from Simon Lythgoe’s story? Where do you see yourself in him?
    4. What differentiates you from Simon’s story? 
    5. Read 1 Peter 2:9-12. How do you feel like you are living out that call to be part of the holy priesthood? Where do you need encouragement?
    6. How can your group be active in ministry together as a way to glorify God?
    7. Spend time in prayer together over the needs of the group.

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