Jonah 1

    June 07, 2020 | Resources | Discussion


    Life Group Discussion Guide for

    June 7, 2020

    1. Share a story about when you traveled to a foreign country. What was your experience like? Did you feel like an outsider?
    2. Read Jonah 1 together as a group. What stands out to you? Are there any details of this classic story that surprise you on this reading?
    3. Who is “Ninevah” to you? Who are the groups or individuals that you would like to avoid? Who are the people that you would rather keep as enemies than see transformed? 
    4. Read Psalm 139:1-2. Have you ever tried to avoid God’s presence? What happened?
    5. Given the context of our world right now, what do you sense God is calling you to do? Are you running from this challenge, or embracing it?
    6. Spend time in prayer asking for freedom from the prejudices and resentments that separate us from others. Ask that our ears may be opened to receive God’s call, and that our hearts may be willing to go where God sends us. 

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