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Viewing a Google Calendar in Safari

We are sorry for the trouble with our calendar. We want you to stay informed so we offer the following information:

There is a known issue between Google and Safari. When a public Google calendar is viewed in Safari it will often appear as though there are no events scheduled (the calendar is blank). The quick solution is to use Chrome as your browser as it seems to be the most stable. However, here are some steps that typically work in Safari:

1. Log out of ALL Google accounts. Once you've logged out, go to www.google.com and if you see "Sign In " in the upper right hand corner then you are indeed signed out of all accounts. If not, continue to log out until you see "Sign In".

2. Once you are logged out, clear your browser history.

3. Try reloading the Youth Events page and the calendar should now be populated.

4. If not, use Chrome as your browser while Google and Apple try to rectify this.

Thank you for your understanding.

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