Sunday Classes

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Logos and Cosmos: Continuing Discussions on Science and Faith | Cove
Kevin Colvett, Micah Redding

The gap between science and faith is one of the main factors driving people to abandon their faith, contributing to the rise of the "Nones" - a category of people who don't currently subscribe to faith of any sort. This class will continue to explore how we, as first-century Christians living in the 21st century view matters of science and faith.

Aging in Place at Otter Creek - This is My Story, This is My Song | 151
Paulette Fewell, Sue Bonner, Julie Barnes, Carol Wood, Magda Sherman

This class, offered by OC’s Aging in Place ministry, is for those who are 60 years and over. It is based on the words of the hymn, Blessed Assurance. We will be hearing from different teachers each week as they tell their stories or the story of their involvement in different Otter Creek ministries. Come hear Scott and Katherine Broadway, Steve and Magda Sherman, Sandra Collins and many others with great stories of their love of God and how He has lead their life journeys.

The Gospel of Luke | 156
Jeff Bennie, Andy Gann, J.B. Angus

In this precursor to the story of the church in Acts, Luke lays out the story of Jesus with precision and detail that is not surprising of a physician. This third synoptic relays the story of the life of Jesus and invites the reader into the scenes of Jesus’ life which define Jesus as the Christ and sketch out the history of God’s salvation for the world. Before we learn how to be the people of God together in Acts, we must first learn about the person of, and how to follow, Jesus. The Gospel of Luke gives us this gift.

College Class: Christian Culture, Myths, and Misconceptions about Sexuality and Intimacy | 309
Patrick Chappell, Hunter Stanfield, Dannie Woods

We will critically examine and evaluate ideas about sexuality and intimacy from a Christian perspective, while also deconstructing the myths and misconceptions about sexuality that result from a Christian perspective. 

Young Marrieds: The Good Life | 310
Lance & Carrie Brock, Matt & Kathryn Miller, Rod & Susan Riley

Young married couples are invited to join us as we discuss how to grow together as a couple, enjoy the gift of community in our church family, and experience true abundant life in discipleship. We will reframe what the good life entails and then establish practical strategies to help us experience it.

Weathering the Storm | 313
Ed Rucker, Bill Chance, Don Portell, Frank Bennett

Everyone has a story. Whether it includes tragic events, profound loss, or lack of faith, we all face storms. (If you haven't faced one yet, you can be sure one is brewing.) Class discussions, studying God's Word, and prayer for guidance are all a part of this class. Come join us as we help each other weather our storms by looking to God, the One who is mighty to save!

Faith Seeking Understanding: Lessons (Un)Learned | 312
Lee Camp

One common definition of the discipline of theology is "faith seeking understanding." If this be true, then theology necessarily entails a biographical element. In this class, Lee presents major developments in his own understanding of Christian faith, and the experiences which contributed to such developments. 

A Casual Liturgy | 314
Josh Strahan, Matt Hearn

For some, liturgy is something that is stuffy, boring, heartless, and disconnected from a relationship with God. But when it's sincerely practiced, its rhythm and intentionality can be a powerful instrument to shape our hearts and lives--individually and communally. Liturgy invites us to join in with Christians around the globe and across the centuries as we study Scripture, profess our faith, confess that we have sinned, and worship God in simplicity and humility. Join us for this casual liturgy where high church meets low church Bible study.