Sunday Classes

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Victorious Marriage: Life Lessons from the Marriage Counseling Office | The Cove
Mike Runcie, Dave Morgan, Ashley Dumas, Chris Gonzalez, Tracy Hall

A class for all couples addressing nearly every marriage topic possible! Many challenges can arise in a marriage, but acknowledging them and finding healthy solutions as a couple can enable your marriage to be a source of great joy.

The Class of Daily Giving | 151
Brian Mansfield

What happens when we take Matthew 5:42 seriously? In a class that will extend beyond the walls of the building and one hour on Sunday morning, we will seek to develop the discipline of generosity. Participants will be asked to find places to give small amounts of money every day, then come together weekly to discuss how the practice of daily giving, both individually and collectively, affects our relationship with money — and with others.

Parenting Your Parents: Honoring Your Father and Mother in the 21st Century | 155
Jane Bennie and the Healthy Life Ministry

This will be a discussion series on successful ways to engage with parents as they age and life circumstances change. What can we do to protect them from scams? Is it time to take their car keys away and what resources are available to transport them? What does HIPAA and PHI really mean? Each week we will have a different panel made up of OC members and others who have their own knowledge and experience with these issues. Come join us as we learn together how best to honor our parents through their golden years.

Spirit Life: Real Change Through the Holy Spirit | 156
Andy Reese and the Freedom Prayer Team

Practical and compelling ways to use the biblically based principles and approaches in Freedom Prayer to bring change, freedom and intimacy with God in your life.

Conversations | 309
Patrick Chappell and Others
4/14 - Free Speech  & The Cancel Culture 
4/21 - Cultural Appropriation 
4/28 - Shame 
5/5 - Evangelism & Discipleship
5/12 - White Privilege 
5/19 -  Hell 
5/26 - Who Are You? (masculinity, femininity, and gender roles) 
6/2 - Religious Pluralism 

Little Known (Political)Truths About the Christian Faith | 310
Lee Camp

The class will explore the claim that Christianity is a "politic," is not a "religion," and yet is not partisan; which is to say that the Kingdom of God is itself the beautiful redemptive community, the beloved manifestation of God's will being done on earth even as it is in heaven, which shall trump, which has already trumped, both "right" and "left"; which is to say that we have been called into a faith that is at once an orthodox liberalism, and a conservative radicalism. And yet this alternative politic does not leave us caring little for the relative social goods at stake in the world around us, and thus we must grapple with questions of social ethics and political strife.

The Dramatic Logic of Orthodoxy | 312
Lauren White, Matt Hearn, and Josh Strahan

The English writer G. K. Chesterton (an important influence on C. S. Lewis), described orthodoxy as a “thrilling romance,” but he also lamented that people too often assume it to be “heavy, humdrum and safe.”  In fact, he claimed, “there was never anything so perilous or so exciting.”  This class will examine orthodox statements like the Apostle’s Creed as well as heretical perspectives like Arianism and Gnosticism to show you why, as Chesterton said, orthodoxy is anything but heavy, humdrum, or safe!

Weathering the Storm | 313
Ed Rucker, Bill Chance, Don Portell, Frank Bennett

Everyone has a story. Whether it includes tragic events, profound loss, or lack of faith, we all face storms. (If you haven't faced one yet, you can be sure one is brewing.) Class discussions, studying God's Word, and prayer for guidance are all a part of this class. Come join us as we help each other weather our storms by looking to God, the One who is mighty to save!

Deeper Still | Mark Hayes, Chad Troup, Kerry Patterson, William Rieder
Mark Hayes, Chad Troup, Kerry Patterson, William Rieder

What would life look like if we were truly awake to the call and the power of the Holy Spirit? This class will seek to explore the movement of the Spirit in everything from the mundanity of day to day life to the enormity of living in the beautiful Way of Jesus.