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Young Married: Money Matters | 156
Don Portell, ed boyd, ben forrest, tom parker, justin weaver

What does Jesus say about money? How does money impact our relationships? What wisdom does God's Word offer us on how money can affect our marriage? This class will be a discussion of practical ways young married families can manage money to have healthy relationships and please God.

A Journey Through World Religions: The Story of God with Morgan Freeman | The Cove
Micah Redding, Steve Sherman, Joel Hester, Rachel Settle

Humans ask big questions. What happens after death? Where did the world come from? Who is God? Why is there evil in the world? What will happen when the world ends? Religions and cultures all over the world try to answer those questions. This class will explore those answers and discuss how those worldviews compare to our understanding of scripture.

Wait, That's in the New Testament? Finding Living Hope in the Smallest Epistles | 309
Patrick Chappell, Melanie Brown, Karen Speake, Sandy bledsoe, Amy Surdacki, Gail Srygley, Jackie Halstead

You’ve probably (ok…maybe) read those short books towards the end of the Bible. But do you remember what’s in them? You’re not alone! Join us as we dive into scripture to discover living hope in these books we sometimes forget.

Intentional Grandparenting: Leaving a Legacy | 310
Janet Crothers, Marilyn Switzer

If you are a new grandparent, been a grandparent for years, hope you’ll be a grandparent someday, or just want to effect a new generation of God’s children in a meaningful way this class is for you. 

Why We Love the Old Testament | 312
George Parks, Terry Frisby

The Old Testament is rich. Through narrative, law, poetry, and wisdom we learn who God is and what a community of His people look like. This class will use the amazing resource of to study most of the books of the OT this summer. Join us as we learn how to read the Old Testament.

Weathering the Storm | 313
Ed Rucker, Bill Chance, Frank Bennett

Everyone has a story. Whether it includes tragic events, profound loss, or lack of faith, we all face storms. (If you haven't faced one yet, you can be sure one is brewing.) Class discussions, studying God's Word, and prayer for guidance are all a part of this class. Come join us as we help each other weather our storms by looking to God, the One who is mighty to save!


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