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OC's Summer Classes
10:00 Each Sunday Morning

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1st Floor: 

The Q Conference explores various ideas facing the church set in its broader culture. This video series will feature a different speaker and topic each week, followed by discussion about how the church is working today and how we will need to adjust in the future for the sake of God's mission in the world. 
Roger & Terry Harwell | Scott & Jessica Schwieger | Steve & Magda Sherman
The Cove


Is life beautiful? Awesome? Eventful? Fantastic? Joyful? YES. We need the ekklesia to be with us during these moments! Is life hard? Difficult? Sad at times? Depressing at times? Bumpy? YES. We need the ekklesia during these moments, too. We hope this class will springboard us into relationships with our peers that will last a lifetime!
Chad & Sara Boyd | Lincoln & Pam Coggin


Learn how to pay off your debt, save for the future, and stop living paycheck to paycheck. You should be able to enjoy and live on your money without owing it to someone else. In Financial Peace University you will learn how to remove the stress from money management so that you can experience a fuller life. 
Alex Jones | Justin Weaver



3rd Floor: 

What is true? What is reality? Who am I? What am I doing here? What is the point? These questions are among some of the oldest and perhaps the most haunting we will encounter. These questions keep us up at night and nag at the back of our minds when we scroll through the feeds across the web feeling left out and falling behind. Such great lives are being lived and we are stuck in this ordinary world devoid of adventure. This course will explore the themes of relativism and mythology and what constitutes a good life. We will explore the Gospel accounts of Jesus and the philosophies of Fromm, Campbell, Frankel as well as modern cinema and television. This course is for any individual curious about the postmodern Christian and the pursuit of a life well lived.
Patrick Chappell | Tristan Wheeler


For centuries Christians have practiced various ways of listening to and dwelling with God. Sometimes those disciplines get squeezed out with the hectic pace of life. Here we will learn and practice ways we can invite God back into our lives so that our thirst for him may be satisfied but never quenched. 
Patrick Chappell & Others


Moses gives the sermons of his life to the people of God in Deuteronomy. At first glance this ancient text comes off as a burdensome rule book for the people. But when given deeper attention this book is seen to be a beautiful prescription for, and description of, God's people living in his life-giving ways. 
Paul Ellis | Becky Frazier | Ben Forrest | Steve Joiner | Logan Key | Eric Livingston | Brian Mansfield | Jim Thomas | Allyn Walker



Everyone has a story. Whether it includes tragic events, profound loss, or lack of faith, we all face storms. (If you haven't faced one yet, you can be sure one is brewing.) Class discussions, studying God's Word, and prayer for guidance are all a part of this class. Come join us as we help each other weather our storms by looking to God, the One who is mighty to save!
Frank Bennett | Bill Chance | Don Portell | Ed Rucker

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