Sunday Classes

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Logos and Cosmos: The Intersections of Christian Faith and Scientific Inquiry | Cove
Jason white, Kevin Colvett, Brent Mundie, George Parks

The Word and Creation fit so nicely together in the narrative of scripture. How do we understand the Word when we add in our scientific knowledge? Are science and faith incompatible or does one promote the other? Join us as we explore the Creator’s creation.

Aging in Place at Otter Creek - the Best is Yet to Come! | 151
Paulette Fewell, Sue Bonner, Julie Barnes, Carol Wood, Magda Sherman, Nadine Runcie

We’re all getting older, and probably more set in our ways. We don’t want to give up doing and going like we’ve always done. Yet, there comes a time when changes must be made. Maybe it’s as simple as building a ramp or learning how to use Uber or Lyft, or maybe it’s moving to another place to be closer to family.  

We want to take the opportunity in a Sunday morning class to explore how we can age in place at Otter Creek. Subjects from Spiritual Needs to Encouragement to Physical Fitness/Nutrition to Life Changes will all be covered in the class, plus a myriad of other subjects. Come join us on Sunday mornings and learn from each other as we age together at Otter Creek. 

Discipleship Essentials | 156
Kerry Patterson, Mike Cagle, Jeannie Cagle, William Rieder, Lincoln Coggin

How does growth as a disciple of Christ occur? Discipling plays a fundamental role in this growth and takes place as we cultivate relationships where we intentionally walk alongside a growing disciple or disciples in order to encourage, correct and challenge each other in love to grow toward maturity in Christ. Join us as we explore how this is done.

Cliff Notes: The Sermon on the Mount | 309
Patrick Chappell, George Goldman

If you could boil down the way of Jesus to just a few words what would you get? Probably something that looks like the sermon on the mount. These crucial teachings of Jesus are key to what it means to be a Christian. Pull up a chair and let’s take a look at these cliff notes.

#Authentic: A Class for Young Marrieds | 310
Lance & Carrie Brock, Matt & Kathryn Miller, Rod & Susan Riley

Through personal and Biblical examples, this class will explore how to develop emotional resilience and how to grow together as a couple. Among other issues, class topics will include: searching for meaning and selflessness in a me-first world, intimacy killers, the transformative power of community, and finding courage to know and let yourself be known.

Weathering the Storm | 313
Ed Rucker, Bill Chance, Frank Bennett

Everyone has a story. Whether it includes tragic events, profound loss, or lack of faith, we all face storms. (If you haven't faced one yet, you can be sure one is brewing.) Class discussions, studying God's Word, and prayer for guidance are all a part of this class. Come join us as we help each other weather our storms by looking to God, the One who is mighty to save!

The Gospel of Peter (as told to Mark) | 312
Jeff Bennie, AnDy Gann 

The second gospel is often viewed as the earliest recorded story of Jesus. It is short and quick-hitting. We will dig into these 16 chapters to see how what began this journey of Christendom still rings true for us today.

Neither Fundamentalist nor Liberal: Christianity and Controversial Issues | 314
Josh Strahan

Sexuality. Evolution. Hell. Predestination. Women in Ministry. The loudest voices on such topics are too often those on the far left or far right. But are there better options? In this class, we will consider how Scripture and theology train Christians to navigate such controversial topics with grace, humility, conviction, and integrity.