Vision 2029 Part 4

Vision 2029: Looking Into the Future Life Group Discussion Guide for January 26, 2020 What will you be doing in 2029? What will OC look like...

Vision 2029 Part 2

Vision 2029: Roots Life Group Discussion Guide for January 12, 2020 What do you imagine daily life will look like in 2029? Will we have our...

Vision 2029 Part 1

Vision 2029: Asking Hard Questions Life Group Discussion Guide for January 5, 2020 1. Have you spent intentional time in worship, prayer...

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Advent 2018
Reading Guides

Advent, the season leading up to the Church's celebration of Jesus' birth on Christmas day, is a time of waiting.

Church on Fire
Reading Guides

Acts covers just about everything in the spiritual life: Jesus, apostles, smiting (see Acts 5), inclusion, heaven, hell, justice, sin...


Video Curriculum

Otter Creek has a subscription to which is like Netflix for churches. As a member of OC, you can have your own account to access thousands of rich, Christian video teachings. You can setup your own access or email our Community Life Minister, Eric Livingston, to set up your account.