Radical Faith

Radical Faith Life Group Discussion Guide for Nov 22, 2020 What fictional family would you most like to join? Read Genesis 22:1-19. What...

Radical Grace and Truth

Radical Grace and Truth Life Group Discussion Guide for Nov 15, 2020 What is your favorite Thanksgiving food or tradition? Read John...

Radical Love

Radical Love Life Group Discussion Guide for Nov 1, 2020 What was the last thing you put 100% of your energy into? What does it mean to...

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reading guides

Reading Guide: Book of Daniel
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Daniel is a book about how to live for God in a subversive but hopeful manner when you find yourself in a context in which your fellow citizens...

The King Has One Week to Live
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In March and April we are going to carefully traverse Mark’s “final week” story so that we can grow closer to Christ and each other in our mission...

No Longer Slaves
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If Jesus is setting us free . . . we can tangibly see the ways in which we are different; no longer needing to be captive to opinions, fear...


Video Curriculum

Otter Creek has a subscription to which is like Netflix for churches. As a member of OC, you can have your own account to access thousands of rich, Christian video teachings. You can setup your own access or email our Community Life Minister, James B. Angus, to set up your account.