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Preschool Praise

In addition to their class time, Preschoolers have an age-relevant worship time all their own.  During worship, children openly express their love for God and praise Him for who He is and all He has done.  We incorporate times of energetic music, interactive learning and thoughtful prayer.  (8:40am & 11am)

God's Unfolding Story

For our older preschool classes (10am), we have implemented God’s Unfolding Story curriculum. More than just a series of great Bible lessons, this material follows a two-year plan. It is a carefully crafted series of stories following God’s revelation of Himself to man in bite-sized pieces that preschoolers can understand, taught in the context of the broader biblical story. Week after week, preschoolers will begin to see the Bible as not just a book of Bible stories, but a book of God’s single story, told in six easy-to-remember elements: 

  1. God created everything.
  2. People disobeyed God.
  3. God chose a special people.
  4. God sent Jesus to help us.
  5. Jesus began the church.
  6. Jesus is preparing heaven for us.

As much as is reasonable and practical, stories are studied in their biblical sequence with consideration given to seasonal emphases such as Easter and Christmas each year. One year is spent in the Old Testament, and a year is spent in the New Testament.

We recognize that learning does not end when a preschooler leaves Otter Creek each Sunday. We provide an opportunity for parents to extend the learning into the week through a Parent Connect, which is sent home monthly. In a healthy parent/church partnership, preschoolers can be blessed when parents reinforce and review what children heard on Sunday.

God is still calling His church to teach our children and grandchildren the story of what He has done in the Bible and in our lives. Can you imagine the difference it can make in the life of a child to learn at a young age that their own story is as much a part of the kingdom story as Abraham, Moses, David or Paul?

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