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OH Prayer Requests & Notes


Send a note of encouragement and love to those who have lost a loved one or are experiencing health issues. Some are celebrating a special birthday, and others celebrating new life through birth or baptism. Send a blessing to someone today!


There are no recent deaths

Prayer Requests 

Bob Runkle, Anne Hamilton's father
Lives in Indiana and was diagnosed Aug. 8 with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The diagnosis is terminal. The doctors have given him days or weeks to live. He will go home Sat., Aug. 12 with hospice attending to him. Prayers are requested for Mr. Runkle and the entire family.

Debbie Clifford
Colon Surgery Aug. 10
Debbie has requested the prayers of the OC family for peace, comfort, complete healing and clear test results.

Ashley Creamer, wife of Kyle
Stage 2 cancer. Undergoing chemo treatments at this time. 
Prayers for healing, patience, and peace are all welcomed.

Katherine Broadway, wife of Scott
Has stage 4 appendix cancer, and is undergoing chemo. 
Considering alternative treatments and ask that you pray for them as they seek wisdom in making difficult decisions. 

Vicki Atnip, wife of Jerry
Vicki had another bone marrow biopsy July 31. The results were good! The plan is to begin harvesting cells mid Sept., and stem cell transplant mid-Oct. Vicki is thankful for your faithfulness in praying for her as she continues on this journey.

Intentional Prayer and Fasting 

Please consider joining the prayer warriors for these women battling cancer - Katherine Broadway, Ashley Creamer & Vicki Atnip

Sign up for Katherine
Sign up for Ashley
Sign up for Vicki

OC Spotlight 


Wayne Reed's story is featured on Nashville Public Radio's Neighbor's newest podcast episode. Listen HERE

We are happy to recognize these Octogenarians celebrating 80 plus years: 

Ranelle Gaw
August 10

Jack Speake
August 18

Also celebrating 40 plus years of marriage:

Dave & Janice Church
August 1

Fletcher & Gail Srygley
August 2

Bill & Betty Gillett
August 3

Jim & Marlene Butler
August 3

Dick & Becky Cowart
August 14

Don & Barbara Thompson
August 15

Lyn & Carolyn Baker
August 16

Frank & Jan Bennett
August 17

Brad & Sally Reid
August 18

J.R. & Joy Roper
August 19

David & Sharon Shaub
August 21

Jerry & Sandra Collins
August 22

Tom & Susie Parker
August 22

Kerry & Carolyn Patterson

August 23

Kent & Debbie Hoggatt
August 23

John & Carol Dawson
August 25

Brian & Sandy Leeper
August 26

Bill & Debbie Chance
August 27

John & Margie Roeder
August 30

Doug & Nan Smith
August 30

Tom & Sandra Holshouser
August 30

Richard & Roxanne Hunter
August 31

Please take a minute to send these special people a note of love and blessing. If you would like to be included in either of these lists and are not sure if we have your birth date or anniversary date, please call the church office and join in the celebration!

Monthly Shepherds Meetings - September 7 & October 5

Thank You Note

I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and love and for welcoming Quinn to America! She has loved all the gifts and support and we look forward to getting to know each and every one at Otter Creek.

Madonna & Quinn Higgins




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