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OH New Members

New Members 


James (“Angus”) , Melly, Brody (10), Jameson (6), and Alora (1)
Angus look forward to joining the work here at OC. Angus grew
up in Pulaski, TN and is the cousin of OC member Robert Jackson.
Angus holds a Master of Divinity from LU and has recently
completed his EdD as well. He has served as a preaching minister
for other churches of Christ and is now pursuing teaching. Melly
holds a BA in Psychology and is working on a Masters at LU. She
enjoys writing, drawing, and all sorts of crafts. Angus loves to read,teach, and watch sports.

Derek, Sophie (14), and Lucy (9) Bruff are excited about joining the OC family. Derek is originally from Lexington, SC and moved here to attend grad school at VU. He is now the Director for the Center for Teaching at VU and is also a Senior Mathematics
Lecturer. He is also engaged to be married to OC Communications
Director Emily Martinez! Derek’s hobbies include running,
photography, and board games, and he is also a fantastic artist!

Connie Graham recently moved to Nashville from her home
state of Michigan. She attended Rochester College and is a retired
elementary school teacher and principal. She is looking forward to
discovering what the next chapter of life holds for her. Connie tends to have a positive outlook on life and is even excited about giving up her “guest” parking spot at OC to move to a regular spot!

Joe and Presley (5) Hooper are ready to share their walk of faith with the OC family! Joe is originally from Whitwell, TN, outside of Chattanooga. He has lived in the Nashville area for about 20 years and works in the music business. He is passionate about HarleyDavidson bikes and chocolate covered bacon. He also loves to be involved in making music, hiking in the woods, or getting in a few frames at the bowling alley.

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