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New Members 


Antonio and Charlene Jennings are Nashville natives and have been visiting Otter Creek for a couple of years. They cherish the friendly nature of our church family and are grateful for the way they feel loved. Antonio enjoys spending time with family at home and Charlene enjoys getting out and going for walks in the park. Most of all they love playing with their baby, Precious, who they rescued from the Humane society several years ago!

Tim, Mallory, and Olive Wyckoff are happy to call OC home. Tim and Mallory are from Clearwater, FL, and have always been very involved in their local church. Tim grew up in a missionary family and was born in Brazil. Mallory recently earned her Doctorate of Missional and Spiritual Formation from LU, where she now teaches. Tim is an improv comedian and created thebibleisfunny.com. Olive was born in September and is a great joy to Tim and Mallory!



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