(Latest Communication: June 4, 2020)

Otter Creek Family,

A couple of weeks ago, the Reopening OC Team asked you to complete a survey on the assembly reopening process. I am eager to share some of these results with you and give you an update on our reopening timeline. The survey had 463 respondents and some of the highlights included:

  • 19% of respondents are ready to meet right now
  • 62% of respondents think it’s a little early and are not quite ready to meet just yet
  • 17% of respondents feel they will not attend assembly for a long time
  • 2% are unsure

This information supports the discussions and recommendations of the team as we plan our first meeting assembly. With that in mind, below is our schedule of reopening:

  • June 7 OC at Home Together
  • June 14 OC at Home Together
  • June 21 OC at Home Together
  • June 28 OC at Home Together and OC Drive Thru to experience various OC ministries
  • July 5 Trial Worship Assembly for OC Leadership Groups
  • July 12 Assemblies in the sanctuary under some very specific conditions

We want to encourage you to participate in the Live Stream worship small group gatherings in homes over the next few weeks. If you're able to host or looking for a place to gather, please fill out this form. This way of being OC at Home Together will be a beautiful way to live out our shared community during this challenging season. 

You will hear more about our OC Drive Thru event and July’s worship gatherings in the sanctuary soon. We are excited to be moving towards physically reuniting the OC family!

 For the Reopening OC Team,

Larry Burkhart