Middle School Camp

Middle School Camp (rising 6-8th grade)

June 21 - 25th, 2020

Welcome to Otter Creek Christian Camp 2019! We are thrilled to have your camper join us for the week of June 21st -June 25th; there is no doubt it will be an incredible week. 

REGISTRATION at OC - Sunday, June 21st at OC gym at 12:30pm (eat lunch before arrival).

AFTER CAMP: PICK-UP at OC – Thursday, June 25th (At Otter Creek Church)

12:45- Gym Area   

  • All Middle School Campers will ride buses from Latimer Reservation back to the Otter Creek Church (with the exception of Staff campers)
  • Campers’ belongings will be unloaded in the back parking lot or if raining in the gym of Otter Creek
  • Parents must go inside the north gym door and meet their child with their counselor to check out, then you proceed out the west gym doors to pick up luggage behind the gym.

Leaving early?  Campers are expected to stay for the entire duration of camp; however, we understand that families are busy. If a camper needs to leave early, please coordinate this with the David Knox ( ) prior to camp beginning.  Please note that if a camper does leave camp early, they are not allowed to return to camp.


If your camper plans to take or have medication at camp, please access the medical form on the Otter Creek website HERE.  This is to be completed for ALL MEDICATION that you will be taking during the week at camp (regardless of whether this is self-administered or administered by the camp doctor).  We will have multiple medical professionals on staff for the duration of camp. Our medical professionals will be available at registration.


All Campers’ belongings should be packed in closeable container(s) (duffle bags, backpacks, plastic totes, suitcase, etc); these will be loaded under the buses for transport on the way home (plastic tubs/totes must be sealed).  Do not use garbage bags.  Please label luggage, if possible, with NAME and GRADE of your camper. Your student will be responsible for their own luggage getting from the bus to the cabin.

  • Clothes – this is camp; things get wet and dirty.
  • Vented Laundry Bag – no garbage bags!
  • Shoes:  The medical staff has requested that everyone bring a pair of closed-toe athletic shoes for the games and NO steel cleats.
  • Camouflage: This isn’t a requirement, but many students love wearing Camo during some of the night games.
  • MAIL – Please pack any correspondence to your camper in their belongings. We do not do a mail service
  • Fishing: You are welcome to fish, but you have to bring your own gear and we are not responsible if things are lost/broken. The lake is catch and release only.

BOYS: If possible, a plastic, waterproof container will be the best for your camper. Boys are sleeping on cots inside a tent on a concrete slab.

GIRLS: They should bring bedding for a twin size bed or a sleeping bag.

Middle School Camp Guidelines: (Parents, please review with your student)

  • No drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fireworks or weapons of any kind are allowed at camp.
  • PHONES MUST STAY AT HOME. Technology is a distraction at camp. We have photographers who will document the week. And you can send another camera with your child. It makes for a better experience if we don’t have the distraction of our phones around. Please help us in this effort.
  • Dress Code:
    • Swimming: Girls, no bikinis. Guys, no speedos. You must have a shirt and shorts on while walking to and from the lake. A towel does not count as a “cover-up” to and from the lake.
    • Bottoms: Shorts need to be at least fingertip length. No underwear/buttocks should be seen at any time. When wearing tights/leggings/yoga pants, both boys and girls need to wear shorts with them or long shirts must be worn that are fingertip length or longer.
    • Tops: No spaghetti strap shirts. Undergarments (including sports bras, boxers, etc.) must be covered. Shirts should completely cover stomachs/backs. Tank tops are OK, but if sleeves are wide enough for us to see your chest, please wear something else. And note, shirts must always be worn during sports activities.
    • Dress Up Nights (for 8th grade only): All of the guidelines listed apply to dress up nights.
    • Students willfully ignoring/breaking these expectations will be subject to removal from camp at their parents’ expense.

A complete list of items to pack and a list of those things not to bring is available on the Otter Creek website HERE. Please review the list. Mark all the items you are bringing with your name.

In the event of an emergency, please use the following numbers to contact us.  

  • DAVID KNOX:               731-234-1263
  • LATIMER OFFICE:         615-516-9751

Keep The Focus Where It Belongs: OCCC exists, ultimately, to help students develop the kind of living faith in God that will last. Our assumption is that you know this and that you desire this for your student as well. Whether this means keeping the proper perspective on the game field, taking care to follow the OCCC dress code or taking quiet time seriously, we expect your student to join us in keeping God at the center of this special week.

If you have any questions feel free to contact David Knox .

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