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Core Stories 027: Joseph, Exile International

Core Stories 027: Joseph, Exile International

Sep 14, 2018

Preacher: Emily Bruff

Series: Core Stories Season 2

Category: Core Stories


During her last trip to Rwanda, Bethany Haley Williams of Exile International, and a member here at Otter Creek was able to interview Joseph. Joseph is a key leader on the ground at Exile, on the front lines of their work rescuing children, survivors of war and helping them to become leaders for peace. If you don’t know much about Exile, you will want to listen to Bethany and Matthew’s story on www.ottercreek.org/stories episode #14 or go to www.exileinternational.org. Many of us can’t imagine the terrible things these children have survived, and while it is so important for us adults to hear their stories, you may want to be mindful of small listeners. I am constantly amazed at what seems to be impossible work being done through Exile every day - and I know you will be too. Thank you for listening.

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