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Our Worship Journey

Otter Creek Church:
a family growing to become like Jesus.

Our Worship Journey

Otter Creek Church believes that worship (both the gathering and daily expression) is central to our community of faith. We believe that worship fosters vitality and courage to be the people Jesus dreams us to be. We believe that both a capella worship and instrumental worship  honor the witness of the historic church and the teachings of Scripture. 

To that end, Otter Creek will continue to honor our tradition of excellence in a cappella worship and other expressions of worship that honors God, is true to the historic church, and consistent with Scripture. 

We created this page to provide resources for those interested in our journey.


Worship Vision 2014 pt. 1 (Josh Graves)

Worship Vision 2014 pt. 2 (Josh Graves)

Worship Through the Ages (Randy Gill)

Soul Music (Josh Graves)

A series where Randy Gill shared his own story -- the joys and frustrations of being a musician in our tribe. With humor and love, he takes a fresh look at a tricky subject. If you've ever wondered, "Why do we do what we do?" or "What does the Bible actually say about music in worship?", these podcasts are for you.



Instrumental Q & A

Shepherds' Announcement

OC Worship Vision

OC Worship Ministry Values

2015 Elder Vision

Worship & Class Times

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