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Instrumental Service Q & A

As we prepare for the launch of our new instrumental service in September we want to provide as much information as possible to the congregation. Here are some answers to questions you may have had about this new offering: 

Will this significantly change Otter Creek?

Although adding this new service is a significant development, change has always been a part of Otter Creek’s DNA. In fact, when people are asked what they value most about this church and what drew them here in the first place, one of the things most often mentioned is Otter Creek’s openness to diverse and new ideas. In that respect, rather than being a “different place,” Otter Creek is simply being true to its nature and history.

In reality, most of what happens on Sunday mornings will remain the same as it is now. Our a cappella service will be the same. We’ll have the same bible classes and teachers as well as the same Children’s Ministry and OYCG. The only thing that’s changing is the music in one of our two services.

Will the instruments drown out our voices?

For some, especially those who have not visited widely or recently beyond our fellowship, there is a common misperception that instruments will drown out the voices. We’ve probably all visited churches where the volume of the organ or the worship band was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think, let alone sing.   On the other hand, many of us have also worshipped with instruments in settings where the voices were clear and even dominant.

Otter Creek has a long history of vocal music and great harmony and we intend to maintain and protect those distinctive traditions in our new service. In order to do that we are committed to keeping the volume of the instruments subservient to the voices and at a level that is neither intrusive nor overpowering.

Are we creating a “performance oriented” musical culture where the congregation simply “sits and listens.”

One of our primary goals in the coming years at Otter Creek is to encourage and enhance congregational participation. That’s true in both the a cappella and instrumental services.

We are committed to singing songs that are congregation friendly and easy to sing. We’ll continue to draw from the great hymns of our faith that members know and love.   Our worship times have never been performance driven and we do not intend to create a spectator worship experience in the future.

“Are we replacing the praise team with a rock band?”

Until they’ve experienced the new service, many will have understandable concerns about musical style. Although there is no way to please everyone when it comes to musical preferences, our intent is to choose a musical style that will be accessible and pleasing to the majority of our members while being appealing to those who will hopefully visit our church in the future.

Our plan is to proceed with a subtle, contemporary acoustic style. Imagine the songs we’re singing currently, such as Mighty To Save or 10,000 Reasons with a small band consisting of guitars, piano, bass and percussion with the occasional addition of strings or other special instruments.

Our goal is to choose music that will be appropriate, worshipful and conducive to congregational participation.


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