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Healthy Life Ministry


To promote healthy living practices, and to inform and educate the Otter Creek Family on a variety of health related issues.


To be a team of Otter Creek members recognized by the Otter Creek family as a point of contact for health related issues. 


  • Empower OC members to take ownership of their own health.
  • Assist OC members to navigate the healthcare system.
  • Maintain a wholistic approach to a healthy life of Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Be available to OC members for questions in times of wellness and a comforting presence in times of illness.


Using the wholistic Model for Health Living (churchhealth.org):

  • Assess each interested OC member’s current wellness in each of the 7 areas: Faith Life, Movement, Medical, Work/Service, Emotional, Nutrition, and Social (Friends & Family)
  • Identify needs in any of the 7 areas
  • Assist in meeting the needs identified by either hands-on involvement or referrals
  • Maintain relationships in order to follow-up and/or reassess as needed


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