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Get Involved

Whether you are a left-brain or right-brain person, someone who is super busy or super available, someone who is new to "church" or someone who has been in it your whole life - there is something for you here.

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Why get involved?

  • Because the church needs you! Just like every part of your body is needed to make you a whole person, in the church, every person is a part of the body and brings special gifts. Without you, the church will not function as ably.
  • Because you need to! Spiritual growth doesn’t just happen. Those spiritual muscles need to be flexed and worked to become stronger. Church involvement plays a part.
  • Because those outside the church need you to be involved. The church is about doing the work of Christ in the world - going, teaching, discipling.

Not sure where to start? Take the Spiritual Gift Assessment and set up a meeting with our Community Life Minister, Eric Livingston, to discover where you can serve.

All of our ministries align with our mission of
Reaching Up, Reaching Out, and Reaching In.

More information on some ministries are linked below or visit ocmission.org

Hospitality Ministry
Creative Arts Ministry
Exile International
The Living Water Project
Room in the Inn - Sign Up
Wayne Reed Christian Childcare Center - See the Video
Made in the Streets - See the video
Children's Volunteer Form


Service Interest

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Please check all service opportunities in which you are interested and we will get back to you with more information.

Thank you for being willing to serve!

Reaching Up - Worship or support for worship service

Reaching Out - Outreach ministries and missions

Reaching In - Teaching, assisting and community life support

You can also contact Eric Livingston. He will gladly walk you through the many opportunities to help you decide what is right for you. 

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