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Freeloader Adoption Application

Info and Application to Adopt a Freeloader

How much do I have to do? How much will it cost?

Adoptive activities need not take up a great deal of time, energy, or finances. Students are typically very busy with school and activities, and work may not allow a lot of free time either. Knowing that they have a loving family to access is a ministry in itself.

Connection is key. Keeping in contact with the student and doing something with them every once in a while still lets them know that someone loves them and they are a vital part of our church and community.

You may feel that you are lacking in resources, but this is not a problem. To them, just hanging out with a family is ministry enough. Maybe have them over for supper with the family or do their laundry. These are good low-cost activities.

Ideas for how to support your students:

Sunday Lunches
Holiday/School Break Invitations 
Cook Together
Ice Cream Day
Go to a Sports Event
Mission Projects
Help with school Supplies
Help with Food for Dorm Room 
Encouragement Notes/E-mails/ Text Messages 
Holiday & Birthday Gifts 
Family Outings Together 
Dorm Warming Gift
Attend School Functions/Sporting Events 
Encouraging Letter to Students or their Parents 
Family Devotionals
Shopping Trip
Care Packages
Lake Day Together
Laundry & Lunch Day
Invitation to Special Events at Church 
Occasionally Sit Together at Church


Adopt a Freeloader HERE if you're interested in supporting this ministry by adopting a college student. 

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