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Church on Fire

August 5 we began a new series, Church on Fire. This series will walk through major sections and themes in the book of Acts and I am eager to share this journey with the OC family. While I will do the bulk of the preaching/teaching this fall, I have invited a few guest preachers to help us illuminate certain places in the Acts story. To catch up on teachings in the series CLICK HERE or subscribe to Otter Creek Church Sermons wherever you get your podcasts.

Acts covers just about everything in the spiritual life: Jesus, apostles, smiting (see Acts 5), inclusion, heaven, hell, justice, sin, forgiveness, hope, resurrection, racial tension, riots, sorcerers, emperors, martyrdom, and shipwrecks! It's such a beautiful and intense glimpse into the lives of women and men doing their best to follow Jesus in their cultural moment.

Pastoral Warning: I am going to challenge OC in late August to be praying/thinking about people in your life who are either a) NOT Jesus followers or b) NOT part of a Jesus-community (church). If we really believe we are part of God's dream for Planet Earth, why wouldn't we want to invite people to join us in that adventure? Part of this sermon series will require you being part of the application!

Below is the weekly reading list. As with our summer study in Philippians, it is helpful to come to worship having already wrestled with the specific passage for that morning. Ask the Spirit to speak a word to as you read these passages. Also, I highly suggest these video resources or these videos per Acts for your family, life-group, or personal study produced by the Bible Video Project. If you are like some of my friends (you know who you are), read ahead and then tell me what I should preach on (LOL). If you wish to use discussion questions based upon each week's teaching, see ottercreek.org/discussion.

Aug 5. Acts 1:1-11 | Witnesses
Aug 12. Acts 1:1-11 | Witnesses pt. 2
Aug 19. Acts 1:12-26 | Chosen
Aug 26. Acts 2:1-13 | Church on Fire

Sept 2. Acts 2:14-47 and 4:32ff | The Crowds
Sept 9. Acts 3:11-26 | Jesus 2.0
Sept 16. Acts 5:1-11 | God Did What?
Sept 23. Acts 7 and 8 | Blood Martyr
Sept 30. Acts 9, 22, 26 | Saul and Paul pt. 1

Oct 7. Acts 9, 22, 26 | Saul and Paul pt. 2
Oct 14. Acts 10 | When Peter Was Racist
Oct 21. Acts 11:19-29 | The Antioch Way
Oct 28. Acts 15:1-35 | Knowing God's Will

Nov 4. Acts 16:16-40 | Locked Up
Nov 11. Acts 17:16-34 | Unknown God
Nov 18. Acts 18 | Kingdom Marriage
Nov 25. Acts 27-28 | To Be Continued . . .

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