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Ministry Coordinating Committee

It is the specific mission of the Ministry Coordinating Committee (MCC) to organize Otter Creek’s ministry efforts so our Elders can focus on being the spiritual shepherds of the body.

The MCC coordinates the efforts of the church ministries in such a way that all the ministries, Elders, Ministers, and Staff work together effectively. The MCC proactively establishes new ministries as needs are identified. Ministry Coordinators recruit, train, equip, empower, and encourage Ministry Leaders. An important element in effectively coordinating ministries of Otter Creek is in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of each ministry. The MCC meets regularly with Elders, Ministers, Ministry Leaders and Staff. 

Ministry Teams

Worship | Community | Education | Administrative | Outreach 

Ministry Coordinators

These servant leaders have qualities highlighted in 1 Timothy 3 and have been appointed by the shepherds of this church body and approved by the congregation to serve a term of service in coordinating the many ministries of Otter Creek.

Brad Glisson (chair)

  • Jim Arnett
  • Sam Beasley
  • Kelly Belcher
  • Franklin Bennett
  • Lance Brock
  • Ed Boyd
  • Monte Collins
  • Rick Fuqua
  • David Jones
  • Albert Lee
  • Mark Lusk
  • Beth Mangrum
  • Jeff McGruder
  • Dan Norton
  • Andy Reese
  • Michelle Schul
  • Paige Smith
  • Steve Sabin
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Joe Trammell
  • Amy Welch
  • Sara Williamson
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