Ministry Coordinating Committee

Ministry Coordinating Committee (MCC)

The MCC coordinates the efforts of the church ministries in such a way that all the ministries, Shepherds, Ministers, and Staff work together effectively. They are what many churches refer to as "deacons." The MCC proactively establishes new ministries as needs are identified. Ministry Coordinators recruit, train, equip, empower, and encourage Ministry Leaders. An important element in effectively coordinating ministries of Otter Creek is in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of each ministry. The MCC meets regularly with Shepherds, Ministers, Ministry Leaders and Staff. 

Ministry Coordinators 

The MCC is divided into 4 ministry teams:
Adult/SpiritualChildren/Youth | Administrative | Outreach/Missions

MCC CHAIR - Amy Welch


  • Mark Lusk
  • Dia Duer
  • Albert Lee
  • Pat Saunders
  • George Goldman
  • Ryan Compton


  • Kara Krinks
  • Steve Speake
  • Franklin Bennett
  • Heather Corcoran
  • Matt Miller
  • Dan Norton


  • Rachel Settle
  • Ed Boyd
  • Alan Kelly
  • Scott Schwieger
  • Michelle Schul
  • Carol Lusk
  • Edd Haynes


  • Sarah Williamson
  • Paige Smith
  • Steve Sabin
  • Laura Camp
  • Jeff Bennie
  • Greg Krinks