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Eric Livingston

Community Life Minister

Office: (615) 975-1346

Eric is the Community Life Minister at Otter Creek. He is convinced that the beauty of following Jesus is most fully experienced when living in community with others. Eric serves as community architect, dialogue broker, and relationship crafter. He leads Otter Creek’s Life Group ministry, Adult Spiritual Formation classes, and makes sure everyone has an opportunity to connect with the Otter Creek faith community.

Eric served in the USAF as a Hebrew Linguist for six years and later worked in the world of technology using his B.S. in Management of Information Systems. He received a Master of Arts in Theology from Lipscomb University while he served as the Associate Minister at the Meadowbrook Church of Christ in Jackson, MS.

Eric loves a good story, whether told in words, movie, or song. The best part of his own story is his marriage to Dixie and their ongoing adventure raising their three kids, Isaac, Ethan, and Jaylie. He is soaking in this season of life while eagerly awaiting what God has in store on the next page.

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