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2015 Vision Statement

The Otter Creek Church is a Christ-led, Spirit-powered, Grace-motivated family of believers. Our mission is to reach up through worship and holy living, reach in by fostering community and maturity, reach out through service, witness and influence. God is changing the world through us as we become Christ’s presence in this place.

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

The Otter Creek shepherds felt called by the Spirit to translate our mission statement into a three-year vision. We asked ourselves: “What will Otter Creek look like in three years?” In a phrase, our three-year vision is to be:

A family growing to become like Jesus

What breaks our heart?

Jesus calls us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our heart breaks for those who desire a deeper relationship with God; for those who are lonely, unloved and forgotten; and for those who don’t know Him.

What is our vision for Worship?

As others join us for worship assemblies, we want them to be drawn closer to Jesus by the way we love each other and by the way we adore our God--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Over the next three years, we want to lead the OCC family to:

  • Re-educate ourselves about worship.
    • Recognize that worship is about sacrificial living (Romans 12).
    • Deeply desire holy living, both individually and as a body.
  • Place more emphasis on scripture and prayer in worship.
  • Focus on adoration in our worship assemblies.

What is our vision for Spiritual Growth, Maturity & Community?

We need to nourish ourselves so that we can serve others more effectively. Jesus’ two-fold command—to love God and love our neighbor—is our barometer. We want to be a church that goes deeper with God and with our brothers and sisters so that we can love and serve others more deeply.

 Over the next three years, we want to lead the OCC family to:

  • Increase our level of spiritual discipline (with prayer, bible study, fasting, giving and confession) within our lives and lifestyles.
  • Deepen our relationships with God and others through the spiritual disciplines.
  • Strengthen our participation in community (adult bible classes, life groups, mentoring groups, cross-generational groups, and opportunities for service).
  • Invite others to join us as we grow, mature, connect, and serve.

What is our vision for Service, Witness, and Influence?

We want OCC to be known for our deeds as much as for our beliefs.

Over the next three years, we want to lead the OCC family to:

  • More effectively embrace, love and serve our immediate communities in Brentwood, Williamson County, and Nashville.

○      Ways to expand: The Wayne Reed Christian Childcare Center, The Well House, and new ministries

  • Promote and pursue social justice for the lonely, the unloved and the marginalized.

○      Ways to expand: Made In the Streets, Living Water, and new ministries

What is our vision for Leadership?

We want to demonstrate our love and concern for each member.

Over the next three years, we want to lead the OCC family by:

  • Encouraging the shepherds and their wives to be more visible and personally connected to every member.
  • Strengthening the relationships among leadership groups (elders, MCC, and ministry leaders) and ministry staff.
  • Developing greater organizational effectiveness.
  • Providing better support for Room in the Inn and Next Right Step.

 What is our vision for “the Numbers?”

We want to create a thriving, growing community freer from debt and thus freer to minister.

Over the next three years, we want to lead the OCC family by:

  • Inviting our neighbors to increase worship attendance by 20% (from 1,200 to 1,500).
  • Continuing to “grow one step” by increasing our giving by 20% (from $3.1 to $3.6 million).
  • Eliminating all debt.
  • Increasing our outreach and service to our neighbors by $500,000 annually.
  • Eliminating over-crowded adult Bible classes by finishing out our Creekside Building.
  • More accurately assessing our spiritual growth (baptisms, life-group participation, volunteer efforts, mission trips, Bible classes, etc.).

 Join us by committing to our vision to be:

A family growing to become like Jesus

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